Breed, Household & Agility!

Have you ever thought about showing your own cat at the show? We encourage you to try. We offer rosettes and sometimes other prizes too!

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Enter YOUR cat in the show!

Requirements for showing your cat:

  • Be up-to-date with their vaccinations.

  • NOT be declawed.

  • Be registered prior to the show.

  • On the opening day of the show, Household cats over the age of 8 months, must be neutered or spayed.

 Fill out the online registration form HERE.


The Cat Fancier's Association (CFA) is now registering non-pedigreed cats. Would you like to register YOUR cat--OR-- how to show your pet

Here's everything you need to know about showing your cat.

Your Household pet is eligible to enter both the Household Pet Competition AND the Feline Agility Competition. Registration instructions are the same for both.

Garden State Cat Club is especially happy to welcome Household Pets (HHP), who will be scored for Regional Points at our show. We recognize the HHP class as being a very significant part of CFA so we are offering the following for this special group:

  • In each ring lovely rosettes will be awarded to the top 10 HHP's.

  • The TOP TWO HHP'S IN SHOW WILL RECEIVE prizes! (per day)

  • THE TOP HHP IN THE ENTIRE SHOW will receive a special award.

  • We invite HHP's to compete in Feline Agility also! Register beforehand.

We look forward to seeing a large group of sparkling HHP's and learning about their intriguing backgrounds!

Your cat doesn't have to have papers or be a purebred. However your cat MUST:

Here are some links with information about showing a Household Pet: